H I S T O R I E   P I V O V A R N I C T V Í   N A   B Ř E C L A V S K U

***  H I S T O R Y  ***



Brewing in Břeclav county has a longlife tradition.  The result from all the materials    and documents  I had is the fact that in 1297 Václav II. granted  Podivín a town law and the existing forged document allows Podivín /Kostel/ to brew which is dated from the year 1360. The oldest reference to brewery in Břeclav county comes from 1414 and is dedicated to a brewery in Břeclav /Lundenburg/  (see Summary of Břeclav brewery) but the year of an establishment  Břeclav brewery which is stated on the brewery labels comes from the year 1522.

References to the evidence of breweries

§                                  the brewery  in Podivín comes from 1526

§                                     the brewery in Nosislav is dated to 1559 which was destroyed in 30Year War's (the mention of changing status of this city to Břeclav county is here necessary)

§                                     other information about breweries comes from the year 1574, the time of brewing in Mikulov / Niklasberg /, Vlasatice and Vranovice

§                                     the history of brewing in Doní Věstonice / Unter Wisternitz / comes from 1577-1930

§                                         brewing in Drnholec comes from in 1578

§                             brewing in Lednice and Pouzdřany existed in the 16th century

§                                  brewing in Bořetice comes from 1617 where the owner of the brewery was Zdeněk Žampach from Potštejn

§                       brewing in Velké Pavlovice existed from 1691-1843

§                                       according to the historical annals hop growing started in 1638 at Žabčice courtyard

  •    the brewery in Kobylí stopped to exit in 1691

o                     in 1724 there are mentions about the brewery Nové Mlýny, in 1725
                                         about the brewery in Poštorná  and in 1786 about the brewery in

The inventory from the year 1843 declares five existing breweries in Břeclav, Diváky, Dolní Věstonice, Drnholec and Klobouky and also one malt house in Velké Němčice.


According to the collector´s websites pivety.com, the first owner of the Břeclav brewery was Jan Skála  from Hradiště. Information about his followers gives website VLASTNÍCI A MAJITELÉ  PIVOVARU BŘECLAV (THE PROPRIETORS THE OWNERS OF BŘECLAV BREWERY). The first brewery was built from bricks around 1560 just in the place of a current malt house.  You can find more information in SUMMARY ABOUT THE BREWERY HISTORY. From the Břeclav magazine I have an article with the title BRIEF SUMMARY OF BŘECLAV BREWERY. Beer doesn´t mean only breweries but also malt houses. There used to be relatively many malt houses (spite of the fact we are rather wine region) but nowadays there is none of them. The closest one is a malt house of BERNARD brewery a.s. in Rajhrad and the other one is a malt house of a the company DRINKS UNION a.s. in the place of a late brewery Jarošov in Uherské Hradiště.

The information about the history of malt houses in Břeclav region you can get HERE:
In the years 1853-1910 the original brewery of the LICHTENSTEIN brewery  rented a company Hoffman and Bittner who employed around 25 workers. In 1901 the present brewery was changed into a malt house and a new brewery was built next to this malt house. Local authority was ensured by central office of Lichtenstein farmhouse in Valtice with the director Karel Šiller ahead. In these years the beer production has grown twice as much (40 000 hl) which led to the growth of emloyment   - the brewery together with a malt house emloyed 54 workers and 14 officers. After the Czechoslovakia occupation (1938) there worked 62 workes and 10 officers out of them. In these days they used to brew around 50 000 hl of beer a year. And after nationalization in 1948-1950 the state authority was performed by Albín Procházka. The first director was Josef Komenda and in 1951 came Jaroslav Černý. After the „Velvet revolution“ (1989) and the entrance of market economy the brewery expanded in the Czech and Slovak market.

In 1997 there was an exhibition of 212 500 hl of beer!!!


In 1994 the brewery was sold to the new owners which was the beginning of its end.    

The last brew was in 1996.